2014 in Review

The 2014 farming season was a whirlwind of activity that left little time for contemplation. Looking back at the photos taken during the summer is a vivid reminder of the amazing produce we grew, and how green Virginia was even a few months ago.  We trialed some crazy looking tomatoes this year, many of which will be making a return for 2015. Our bees did great things for our squash and cucumber crops, and the fall weather was perfect for radishes and turnips. We’ve been busy making our field plan for next year, a task that really starts even before the last produce is out of the ground in the fall. We’ve got lots of exciting things in the works for 2015, and one of best ways to experience them first hand is through our community supported agriculture program. Shares are now available for 2015, and you can find all the details by clicking here.

Funky and delicious tomatoes!

Funky and delicious tomatoes!

Squash at the market.

Squash at the market.

Fall radishes.

Fall radishes.


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