It sure has been a chilly February, but that hasn’t kept us away from farm work. At the end of January we attended the annual Virginia Association for Biological Farming conference. It was a great opportunity for us to get re-energized for the coming farming season, and to chat with other sustainable farmers from around the state (you can find out all the other great things VABF does by checking out their website, Another thing that gets us excited for the coming season is the arrival of all the seeds we ordered! This year we ended up with way more carrot seeds that we planned for, with one packet as a free gift, and one that was sent to us by accident. Combined with our brand new flame weeder, maybe this will be the year we finally kick some butt growing carrots! In addition to all the edible seeds, we also ordered a ton of flowers and herbs to create a mix of plants to attract beneficial insects. We’ll plant this around the edge of the farm to create habitat for good predatory bugs and provide consistent food for our honey bees and other native pollinators. The threat of heavy snow and record cold temperatures convinced us to delay starting some of our early season plants, but we’ve finally got the greenhouse fired up and it’s starting to feel like spring! Now is the perfect time to sign up for a share in our CSA for 2015. We still have spaces available for pickups in both Richmond, VA and from the farm in Quinton. Click here for all the details.

Some of the seeds we ordered for this year.

Some of the seeds we ordered for this year.


Rico, our farm dog, playing in the snow.


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