Busy as a Bee

Now that the danger of frost has passed for this spring, we’ve really kicked it into high gear on the farm. The greenhouse is full of gorgeous plants and our direct seeded crops are starting to flourish in the warmer weather. We’ve been keeping busy, and so have our new bees! This spring we installed a hive of honey bees to help out with pollination on the farm. Many plants that we grow are self pollinating, or only require pollination to make viable seeds but will still make a fruit. The plants in the squash family need pollination from insects, such as honey bees, or else they won’t produce fruit at all. We’re hoping that more bees means more squash, cucumbers, and melons this year. If we’re lucky we might also get to harvest some honey from them at the end of the season. Honey bees are amazing creatures and we’re glad to have them adding to the biodiversity of the farm.

In other news: There are still shares available in our 2014 CSA. Click here to learn more. Also, farmers markets are starting back up for the season and you can  find us at the Carytown Farmers Market every Sunday 11am-3pm, and starting the weekend of May 3rd we’ll be at the South of the James Farmers Market in Forrest Hill Park every Saturday 8am-noon.

Teal opening the bee hive.

Teal opening the bee hive.

One of our new bees collecting pollen.

One of our new bees collecting pollen.

Cabbages in the greenhouse.

Cabbages in the greenhouse.


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