For Sale

We are shutting down the farm business for the foreseeable future and are selling most of the farm equipment and supplies. Some prices are firm, but may be negotiable especially if you are interested in purchasing a large number of items (and if you are in the process of starting a small farm and would like to buy all of it, let’s chat). Links to comparable items have been included where possible. If you would like pictures or more details about something, just ask. All items are located at our farm in Quinton, VA. This list will be updated as items sell, so if it is not crossed off it is still available.

E-mail  or call/text 540-246-4130


Large Equipment:

  • 8’Lx8’Wx10’H Walk-in Cooler. Kolpak brand. This was originally a walk-in freezer in a restaurant. It has been fit with a coolbot controller and the recommended brand and size of AC unit for the cooler volume. Works great, only used in its current set up for part of one season. It is currently set up on a gravel pad under a carport. The walls and floor break down for transport, and I would highly recommend a small u-haul or box truck to transport the pieces because of how tall this unit is. There are a few dings and stains, but is otherwise in nice shape. Has all pieces except the aluminum lining from one half of the insulated floor.  We just put down some extra insulation and heavy-duty plywood to make a level floor. Comes with 2 sturdy metal restaurant-style wheeled shelving units. Also have the original  fans/compressor/condenser units if you would like them. $3000

Greenhouse and supplies:

  • Capilary Bench Matting. Felt, for greenhouse use. Most of a 4×100′ roll ($125 new) $60
  • Soil Block makers and accessories:  You can see pictures of most of these here. Hand-held 4 block (2″), 5 block (1 1/2″) , and 20-block(3/4″) soil block makers. Set of 4 longer dibble pins, and a set of 4 pins that allow you to make a hole in the larger blocks that the 20-block size blocks will fit into for potting up. Also have block tweezers for moving blocks, and a Tenax pro-seeder for precise seeding of tiny seeds.  $90 for everything.
  • 200-cell (10×20) plug trays, like new, 10 available. $10 total
  • Seed-starting cart extremely sturdy metal-framed seed starting cart. 3 tiers, each level has an adjustable fixture above it that holds 2 T12 fluorescent bulbs. The bulbs in it currently are 40 watts each and should have some good life left in them. In excellent shape, only a few rust spots on the paint on the fixtures. Has casters on the bottom and can be taken apart for transport if needed. Very similar to both this cart and this one but has 2 lights per tier, not 4. Rather than 4 individual trays, each layer has 2 large black waterproof trays, so you can place standard 10×20 seed trays going either direction, but can still hold 12 trays total. $600.

Field Supplies:

  • Eco-1 biodegradable plastic mulch. Ordered for 2015, unopened, kept in covered shed. 48″ x 8,000′. 1 roll, sealed. $200
  • Irrigation set-up. Blue layflat, many layflat to drip-tape valves. There are some holes that need mending and probably a few broken valves, but purchased new this would represent a serious chunk of change.  2 distinct sections used to cover over 350′ feet. Valves are spaced roughly 5 feet apart. Includes 2 large ball valves, some end caps, connectors and t-shaped pieces, a few goof plugs, lots of hose clamps, a pressure gauge, 2 different in-line pressure control valves, a filter, and at least 50 layflat to drip-tape valves that can be individually turned on and off. Also will throw in a partial roll of unused blue layflat and a small pile of spare layflat and drip-tape fittings, as well as the punch tool that makes holes in layflat for the fittings. $150
  • Earthway Seeder. Great shape, comes with different plates for various seed sizes. Adjustable planting depth and row marker. See description here. $50

Fencing Supplies:

  • Slant-nail fence insulators, yellow plastic, unopened 25 pack. $5

Market and Harvest Supplies:

  • Salad Spinner. 5 gallon red salad spinner with brake, like new condition. Chef Master brand. $120
  • KD Kanopy Tents w/ weights. 10′ x 10′ These are seriously the best tents you can get. Extremely sturdy, but easy enough for one person to put up solo. Heavy duty aluminum frame. All parts are replaceable. Do very well in the wind, especially if you have the weights attached. Dark green tent canopy is great for shade. 2 Available (each with their own set of weight bags, most are filled with sand, some of the weight bags have small holes from mice, but could be patched). Check out the company website: These retail for more than $600 each new. One canopy is more faded and worn than the other, $250 and $300 respectively.
  • Pint berry boxes, new green berigard pint boxes, 280 boxes, $15 total.
  • Quart berry boxes, new green berigard quart boxes. 140 boxes, $10 total.
  • 10 x 15 produce bags, 1 unused roll. $5


  • Laminator. Amazon basics brand, plus a lot of 8.5×11 sheets. Works great. $20
  • Compost tea set-up – This is everything you need to make compost tea. Researched this and bought the supplies, but never put it to use. 5 gallon bucket with lid, air pump, aerator, plastic tubing, paint-filter bags, and a big bag of worm castings. $75
  • Weed Wacker– cub cadet brand. Not currently working. Used it a few times and then couldn’t get it to start up, may be fuel related, if you work on small engines I’m sure you could get it running, in otherwise great shape (paid $125 new) $20